Author: Chris Smith

The ICF Canoe Polo Manufacturers Scheme

OK, I’ve had a lot of emails about this recently, so here is a clarifying post. To compete in an ICF Competition after 1st Jan 2016, your kayak needs to be made by on of the people on this list: Here is an important key! Whitewater Estates (Llangollen) Ltd. = Nomad Canoes (Force, Force X and Slyda range). Polo Mania = Vampire Kayaks and all the boats licensed by Polo Mania (inc: Dynamics).  Paddle Sport Designs = Combat Kayaks. ICF Stickers If your kayak is made by someone on the list, but does not have an ICF sticker, then don’t...

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West Polo Carbon Kayak Polo Helmet Outfitting Guide

Helmet Outfitting There are no fixed rules here. Your aim in helmet outfitting is to pad out a comfortable helmet that is snug to your head. You don’t want lots of wobble, but a helmet that is too tight is just as bad. Below you can see the standard white padding that comes with West Polo Kayak Polo Helmets, but you can cut it down or add extra foam with glue depending on your size requirements. It can be useful to wipe down the inside of the helmet with acetone or some other solvent to make sure the sticky...

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Vampire Polo Kayaks for DEMO at the US Kayak Polo Nationals 2016

Vampire Polo Kayaks No Horses Needed is the USA supplier of Vampire Polo Kayaks and Polo Mania’s other licensed designs. We’re bringing you three size options of the Vampire 06 for demoing at the USA Kayak Polo National Championships 2016. It can be hard to test out different kayaks in the USS and North America, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to give the boats a spin (even if you’re not currently in the market). Cam Butler, owner of Polo Mania Cam will be in the USA for the USA Kayak Polo National Club Championships in LA. This...

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Revenge Polo Kayak for SALE

Revenge Polo Kayak P&H Revenge Polo Kayak at bargain price. I have four of these boats – three yellow, one blue. They are $350 each, down from $800 retail! One is in plastic brand new, two have never been paddled and one has been in a pool once! SOLD OUT – SORRY. I can order new ones HERE  Or check out the Fluid...

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Fluid Kayaks Vuvubat Bumper Construction

There have been some grand failings with systems to attach foam bumpers to plastic kayak polo boats, but the Fluid Vuvubat seems to have got it pretty right. The system is: Simple – three allen key (US: wrench) head bolts, three washers and three inset screw-threads. Tough – high density machine moulded bumpers (no signs of damage after 6 months of use). Safe – the foam depresses enough to comply with ICF rulings and the bolts are deeply inset. Integrated – these bumpers provide adequate padding without making the boat feel like you’re paddling with helium filled balloons on...

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2017 US Kayak Polo National Club Championships

October 29, 2017
Let the games commence!