There have been some grand failings with systems to attach foam bumpers to plastic kayak polo boats, but the Fluid Vuvubat seems to have got it pretty right.

The system is:

  1. Simple – three allen key (US: wrench) head bolts, three washers and three inset screw-threads.
  2. Tough – high density machine moulded bumpers (no signs of damage after 6 months of use).
  3. Safe – the foam depresses enough to comply with ICF rulings and the bolts are deeply inset.
  4. Integrated – these bumpers provide adequate padding without making the boat feel like you’re paddling with helium filled balloons on either end of your kayak.
  5. Replaceable – changing out bumpers can be done within a minute (glue is optional for extra reinforcement).


Vuvubat Plastic Canoe Polo Kayak - higher density bumpers

Slimline, Protective High Density Bumper

Fluid Kayaks Polo Vuvubat Simple Foam Bumper Attachment

Inset Bolt for Easy and Secure Attachment

Fluid Kayaks Polo Vuvubat Simple Three Screw Set Up and Foam Bumper

Minimal Pieces and Tools Required

Fluid Kayaks Polo Vuvubat Front Screw Thread Inset

Front Inset Screw Thread

Fluid Kayaks Polo Vuvubat Side Screw Thread Inset

Side Inset Screw Thread

For more information about the Vuvubat Kayak Polo, contact Chris at

Price within the USA, including shipping to your nearest Forward Air Terminal, is $750. Range of colours available and club discounts on orders of 3+ ($450 per boat plus shipping).