Here are some pictures from Nomad Canoes of the Nomad Force Xxl. You can see in this first picture a comparison of the Nomad Force Xxl (in garish green) to the Nomad Force Xl (in red). Kayak Polo is no longer just for small people – here is an intentionally designed kayak polo boat for large paddlers with integrated bumpers!


Force X Xtra Large – we have paddlers of 120kgs in it who rave about its performance – biggest polo boat available which has been properly designed for the heavy paddler. The new boat has a much larger rocker plus more volume under the surface of the water, more space to get in and out for the larger paddler.   Most manufacturers just build up the boats along the seam line which is a waste of time as it doesn’t change how the boat sits in the water!

Michael Dalton, Nomad Designer

Nomad Force X Kayak Polo Size Chart and Dimensions:

Nomad Force X Average Paddler Weight Boat Dimensions (LxW)
Force X Junior 48kg   –   106lb. 8’10 ¼” x 21 ¼”   –   270 X 54cm
Force X Small 60kg   –   132lb. 9’6 ¼” x 22”   –   290 x 56cm
Force X Medium 75kg   –   165lb. 9’5 ¾” x 22 ½”   –   299 x 57cm
Force X Large 90kg   –   198lb. 9’9 ¾” x  23 ¼”   –   299 x 59cm
Force X Extra Large 90kg+   –   198lb + 9’9 ¾” x 23 ½”   –   299 x 59.5cm