The P&H company was founded in 1968, with a love of canoeing and kayaking and with the motivation and commitment to produce kayaks of the highest standard. Alongside the world class custom sea kayaks P&H has also been producing innovative polo designs for many years.

P&H Revenge Polo Kayaks, based in the UK, make a range of well known composite kayaks and a plastic polo kayak that have stood the test of time:

P&H Revenge Vapour Polo Kayak Revenge Vapor Polo Kayak USA
 Sizes: Mirco, Standard
Fast turns and paddling speed: the Vapour has the benefits of both manoeuvrability and straight line speed. Integrated bumpers reduce volume and drag. Reduced volume in both ends results in fast turning and the fast straight line speed is achieved by the reduced rocker.
P&H Revenge Nitro Polo Kayak Revenge Nitro Polo Kayak
 Sizes: Micro, Standard, Fatboy
Fast acceleration and turns: finely tuned, high performance kayak built for the player who thrives on acceleration and manoeuvrability. Reduced volume in the tail allows the kayak to dip for fast turns but doesn’t reduce sprint speed.
P&H Revenge International Polo Kayak Revenge International Polo Kayak USA
 Sizes: Mirco, Standard, Fatboy
Fast top speed: fast straight line speed make this an ideal choice for those who like to play fast and get to the ball first. Make every paddle stroke count and win those fast sprints.