OK, I’ve had a lot of emails about this recently, so here is a clarifying post.

To compete in an ICF Competition after 1st Jan 2016, your kayak needs to be made by on of the people on this list:

ICF Kayak Polo Manufacturing Scheme

Here is an important key!

Whitewater Estates (Llangollen) Ltd. = Nomad Canoes (Force, Force X and Slyda range).

Polo Mania = Vampire Kayaks and all the boats licensed by Polo Mania (inc: Dynamics).

 Paddle Sport Designs = Combat Kayaks.

ICF Stickers

If your kayak is made by someone on the list, but does not have an ICF sticker, then don’t panic. You can use this kayak all the way up to 2021 in ICF competitions. The important thing to remember is that your kayak will have to pass super-scrutineering (gauges, rulers etc.), so make sure it is compliant with the new specs.

Also, all new boats should be sold with a sticker and by 2022, you will only be able to compete if you have an ICF Sticker.

You can read the full memo on the manufactures scheme HERE.