Vampire Polo Kayaks

No Horses Needed is the USA supplier of Vampire Polo Kayaks and Polo Mania’s other licensed designs. We’re bringing you three size options of the Vampire 06 for demoing at the USA Kayak Polo National Championships 2016.

It can be hard to test out different kayaks in the USS and North America, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to give the boats a spin (even if you’re not currently in the market).

Vampire Polo Kayaks available in North America - Demos

Cam Butler, owner of Polo Mania

Cam will be in the USA for the USA Kayak Polo National Club Championships in LA. This will be a great opportunity to probe his mind and experience as a boat designer. He’ll know everything you want to about building kayaks and the Vampire Designs.

These DEMO boats will be new going into the tournament, but we’ll be selling them at the end. The kayaks will be $1300, which is excellent value for a carbon kayak! If you’re interested in buying one then let us know ASAP, they’re going to go fast.

You can contact Chris Smith on 864-569-5101 during the tournament.